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African American Expressions™ is the world’s largest black-owned gift and greeting-card company. Known for eye-catching designs and poignant art pieces, AAE™ offers America’s best selection of culturally authentic gifts such as black calendarsAfrican-American Christmas cardsAfrican-American greeting cardsblack figurines and more.

AAE™ proudly offers the nation’s best African-American fundraising program, which provides individuals, churches, schools and other organizations with a means to generate additional revenue. AAE™’s fundraising program has helped thousands of individuals and groups stay afloat in the face of economic hardship. If buying from a black-owned business is important to you, read on to find out more about our company and what we offer.


We know the struggles that African-Americans are facing every day, but we also know the pleasures of family, friends, and community, and the strength we can take from each other and from our faith. These are the same sources of love and inspiration that have helped our people march forward for hundreds of years, and will keep us on the path to a better tomorrow.

When we speak with our customers, we often hear the same thing about African-American Expressions: Our products and services give them pride and encouragement as they go about their daily lives. You’ll see when you visit our African-American gift shop that we carry all sorts of objects that you can enjoy and share. Things like T-shirtsmugs and canvas wall art with inspirational sayings, figurines and dolls that display beautiful black designs, and more than 500 different cards for all occasions.


When you order online from a black owned business, you’re supporting our community and sending a positive and encouraging message to our young people. You’re showing that you have pride in our shared heritage, and want to see real growth and healing. Our Afrocentric gift shop is full of items that you won’t easily find elsewhere, and every single item shares a common theme: a love of who we are as African-Americans.

African-American Expressions was founded by a man named Gregory Perkins, a leader and a man of faith who put his heart, sweat and tears into building this company into the largest black-owned greeting card company in America. Over the years, we have expanded beyond greeting cards, and now carry dozens of excellent decoration and gift ideas. We also offer the best African-American fundraising program for the issues that affect our community today.

Take a moment and visit our black online gift shop, and discover all that we have to offer. Every product we carry is meant to be an uplifting testimonial to the strength of the African-American community, and a reminder of the trust we place in God to lead us on our journey forward. We would love to hear from you, and learn more about how you’re sharing your love of our culture with the world around you. Contact us today by phone or by email, and we’ll walk you through our catalog – or start purchasing your black gifts online right now, in just a few clicks!

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about African-American Expressions. 

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