SET09 The Obamas Gift Set

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The Obamas Gift Set

At African American Expressions, we are proud to offer a wide selection of merchandise and gift ideas featuring everyone’s favorite couple: the Obamas. The President and his wife have spent two terms in the White House improving life for all Americans and being a positive and encouraging example for African Americans. If you’re looking for a frequent reminder of the Obamas, either for yourself or a friend or family member, our 2017 Obamas gift set is the ticket.


The Perfect Gift Idea for Any Fan of the Obamas

This special gift set includes many practical and attractive items, each featuring an elegant photo of Barack and Michelle Obama dressed in their eveningwear. In typical fashion, they’re together and smiling — a loving, caring couple showing their best faces to the world. You also get beautiful gold script with the Obama name on each item.

This Obamas gift set features five unique items sure to impress:

  • A 2018 ‘The Obamas’ 16-month calendar: Each month features a new photo of Barack and Michelle in a variety of official and candid situations.
  • The Obama’s wired journal: This large format blank page journal is perfect for jotting down notes, reminders and thoughts as you go about your day.
  • The Obama’s 2018-19 checkbook planner: This provides a convenient and handy way to keep track of your expenditures and balance your budget.
  • The Obama’s coffee mug: This high-quality ceramic mug is both attractive and practical, thanks to its dishwasher and microwave safe construction.
  • The Obama’s magnetic notepad: You’ll always have paper handy by the phone or in the kitchen for all of your notes, lists and reminders with this notepad.

On top of these six great items, we have added a bonus gift to our Obama’s gift set: a free gift.


Order Your Obamas Gift Set Today

The items in our Obamas gift set are a great way to be inspired. Barack and Michelle work hard every day to remind us what is important in life: being a loving spouse, a caring parent and a disciple of Jesus. Their example makes us all realize how proud we should be of our heritage as Black Americans, as well as the impact we have on the lives of those around us.

Place your order today for your Obamas gift set. You might also want to pick up a few for your friends and family. They make a great gift idea. We all know someone who could use the handy journal, calendar and coffee mug, along with the other great items in the set. You can also check out our other great African American merchandise designed with the themes, colors and messages we want to promote as a strong African American community.

It’s easy to place your order through our secure website. In just a few clicks, you’re done, and we’ll ship your items off to you. Get ready to enjoy your beautiful Barack and Michelle Obama gift set!