M100 The Obamas/Michelle Obama Magnet Set

Size: 2" x 3" / Set of 2 magnets
SKU: M100
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The Obamas Magnet Set

If you’re a fan of the Obamas like we are, you enjoy having reminders of them around your house and office and these Obamas magnets are a perfect way to do that! They inspire us as African Americans to be proud of our heritage and strive to be a positive part of our communities. Our President, Barack Obama has spent two terms in office making our country stronger, while his wife Michelle has focused her energy and talents on her own programs that improve the lives of many in our community.


Our Obamas Magnets Keep Things Securely in Place

Our attractive Obamas magnet set features two 2” x 3” magnets, each with a unique image. One shows the Obamas together in beautiful evening wear, while the other features Michelle with her trademark smile and gorgeous sense of style.

Order your magnets to put on your fridge or filing cabinet or offer them as a gift to your friends, family and coworkers. These affordable magnets can be yours in just a few clicks. Select the quantity you want, and you’re all set. While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a look at all of our other great African American-inspired gifts and merchandise, too.