African American Cosmetics Bags

Looking for an original idea for an African American family member or friend that’s both beautiful and practical? Or do you want to find a special African American Mother’s Day gift or card? One of our cosmetics bag duo sets is a great idea for those special women in your life. They offer vibrant Afrocentric designs, sturdy zippered construction and ample room for lots of different cosmetics. Each set includes a large 9” model for home and big trips and a smaller 7.5” version, perfect for occasional travel or for sliding into your purse.

As African Americans, it’s sometimes hard to find the black-specific items we love. Some stores carry a few options, but often you’re limited to just a handful of plain designs. At African American Expressions, we want all of our African American friends to enjoy a wide choice of gifts and personal items. That’s why we carry a wide variety of designs for our African American cosmetic bag gifts. Choose from these popular styles:

  • Soothing, comforting religious motifs showing strong women of color expressing their faith in God
  • Fun, sassy prints and motifs that appeal to energetic, carefree black women of all ages
  • Traditional African American designs with rich, vibrant colors and Afrocentric imagery

It’s a wonderful feeling to see a woman of color show her pride in who she is. You can display that in many ways, including with your personal items. Every time you use your African American cosmetics bag, you’ll be reminded of the beauty and richness of this culture.

Start by making a list of all the women in your family and group of friends who would love one of these beautiful and useful African American makeup bag gifts, and then start clicking through our online catalog. We know the unique designs will speak to you, and the personality of each woman and girl you’re buying for will inspire you in your choice. You can start right now and place your order in just a few clicks!

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