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African-American Fundraising Program |

Start selling today!

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Use the white order form in the middle of the catalog to keep track of the items your customers have ordered. (Need more catalogs? Just give us a call.)

2. Transfer the orders from the white form to the YELLOW FUNDRAISING ORDER FORM that was received with your packet (don’t forget to include shipping cost ALONG with your payment.) Your FIRST fundraising order has a minimum of $200 to start; but NO MINIMUM required for all subsequent orders during the same calendar season.

3. You can place your order online (best way to order) at and receive priority processing AND automatically receive AAE online reward points!


OR you can Fax it to: (916) 424-5053

Or send your completed order form in the mail to:

African American Expressions
Attn: Order Dept. 
10266 Rockingham Drive, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95827


For the past 27 years, African-American Expressions – through our fundraising program – has generated millions of dollars for schools, churches and various other organizations all over the world, and benefited countless individuals who have used our program since 1991. That’s how we serve our communities. It’s a way for those of us that are more fortunate to help others in need, and how we share the love of God to those around us. Participating in African-American fundraisers ensures us that the money is going to help the members of our communities that need it the most.

Would you like to host an AAE Party? Order your AAE Representative Kit today! It’s filled with everything you need to begin. Hosting an AAE™ party is easy: Once your guests take a look at our catalogs and discover our wide range of black-inspired cards, figurines, calendars, T-shirts and other gifts, you’ll have no problem filling your order forms. 

Don’t hesitate – you can start selling today! Our black fundraiser can be used for individuals or groups of all sizes. With products available for all budgets, our catalogs suit every type of cause and every type of customer. You don’t need to be an expert salesperson to run a successful African-American Expressions fundraising campaign: Our catalogs and products speak for themselves. We carry attractive, durable, high-quality items that have one thing in common: They’re designed to express the caring and joy, faith and respect that we as African-Americans try to live every day. What better way to show this, and make a real impact in the lives of other, than to create and promote an AAE™ fundraising campaign?

The program is very similar to selling Avon. Once you’ve received your catalogs, you can begin taking orders from your customers. They simply pay you the price listed in the catalog. After your orders have been collected, transfer them to your yellow fundraising order form. Once you have at least $200 worth of merchandise on the yellow order form, you are ready to place your order.



Watch a short video (less than 2 minutes) that explains our basic fundraising process. 

Need more ideas? Host an AAE Party!

Check out our AAE Party page to see how you can host a successful and fun party to help selling these wonderful products.


We have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or you can give us a call. Our friendly customer service people are standing by. Have Fun and Happy Fundraising.