MNP113 Harriet Tubman Magnetic Notepad

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Harriet Tubman Magnetic Notepad Featuring Relief Art Image

Few names have marked black history in the United States quite like that of Harriet Tubman. A woman of character, determination and faith, Harriet Tubman spent the first part of her life in slavery in the south. Early on, she realized that she deserved to be free to live the life she wanted, as did all of her African American brothers and sisters.

She escaped from the chains of slavery, but never forget those left behind. She was instrumental in helping countless others escape slavery along the Underground Railroad to freedom in the north.

At African American Expressions, we think it’s important to remember, honor and celebrate people like Harriet Tubman. They are shining examples of just how big a difference we can make in our lives and the lives of others. This is why we’re happy to offer thoughtful, attractive gift ideas like our Harriet Tubman magnetic note pad. This practical notepad features beautiful relief art depicting a scene from Harriet Tubman’s life.

Larger Than Life

This larger-than-life figure seems to jump off the notepad itself. It represents just how vibrant and full of energy this woman was. Harriet Tubman worked tirelessly, returning many times to the south to rescue enslaved African Americans, despite risking being caught and enslaved again herself. These selfless acts humble us all, as we reflect on what she did so many years ago, and how it helped give us the freedoms we enjoy today

Our Harriet Tubman magnetic notepad is also practical. You can make note of dates, addresses and phone numbers. You can keep it on the fridge or a metallic whiteboard close to the phone so it’s always handy when you need to take a note.

This colorful and touching relief art notepad also looks great in your office, school, church or any other place where you find yourself looking for a place to jot things down.

Do you know anyone else who would appreciate being inspired by the life of Harriet Tubman? Order them one of our magnetic notepads featuring Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad relief art as a constant reminder of this wonderful woman and this dark but ultimately positive moment in US history. It was a turning point in the lives of Black Americans, so let’s reflect on the incredible things this woman did with this touching and useful magnetic notepad.

It’s simple to place your order using our secure server. Simply select the journal and place it in your cart. You can order as many as you like! While you’re at it, check out our other wonderful African American Expressions gift items and objects for your home. You can bring Harriet Tubman’s message of hope to your day and the day of those around you with this thoughtful gift.

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