J174 The Obamas 2016 Journal

Size: 6.25" x 8.5" /128 pages
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The Obamas Journal

Do you keep a journal? It is a handy way to record important details, dates and appointments. It can also serve as a diary, so you can get your thoughts down on paper. It can also be an ideal location for doodles and drawings to help clear your mind. Carrying a journal around or keeping one handy at home — by the phone or in your bedside table, for example — is a great way to ensure you always have somewhere to write.

For those who love President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle as much as we do, we offer our blank page journal featuring the Obamas. It provides a high-quality image of the couple, dressed for an evening gala. The smiles on their faces remind us of they love they show for each other, and they can’t help but make you smile yourself.


Blank Pages for Your Thoughts and Notes

Our Obamas blank page journal is 6.25” x 8.5” and offers 128 pages for tons of writing, drawing and doodling. Every member of your family can make use of a journal. Encourage your children to keep one as a diary of how their day went and to explore their creative writing and drawing. It’s also a great occasion to tell them more about the Obamas and why, as Black Americans, we can look up to them as a shining example of how far we can get in life if we try.

You probably know many other people who would love to have a blank page journal with the President and First Lady, too. Family members, friends, coworkers, students, teachers and church members are just some of the people you encounter every day who would appreciate receiving this attractive and practical gift. If you’re often caught scrambling for a simple gift idea for someone when a birthday or other occasion sneaks up, why not consider ordering a few and keeping them handy? That way you can pull out this beautiful Obamas journal and impress in a moment’s notice.


Order Your Blank Page Journal Featuring President Obama and the First Lady

Make sure you order one for yourself, too! We often get so excited to select gifts for others that we forget how useful this journal can be for yourself. It only takes a few moments and a few clicks to add your President Obama and First Lady blank journal to your shopping cart. You might also want to check out our large catalog of black-inspired gifts and merchandise and add those to your cart as well. Use our secure online checkout to place your order, and you’re done!

We quickly ship your items off to you, so in no time, you’ll be filling up your journal with all of your thoughts, ideas and other important information. Its handy book format lets you keep things organized, as opposed to jotting notes down on small scraps of paper. You’ll love seeing a smiling Barack and Michelle every time you pull out your journal. Take that inspiration with you as you go about your day.

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