AAE Party

Host an AAE Party!!

AAA parties are an excellent way to sell hundreds of dollars in a matter of hours. In addition to being extremely fun and interactive, parties give Representatives the opportunity to meet with their customer base, show new products and generate new clients. Once you have one party, you'll definitely want to have more!

TIP: AAE REPKIT gives you a variety of products to show at your party.

*Watch our Virtual Fundraising video below for tips on how to host a virtual party!

A Step-By-Step Approach

• Decide on the date and time you want your AAE Party to take place.
• Gather the sample items from your Rep/Home Kit – consider purchasing additional items to show and or sell at your party.
• Make a list of who you will be inviting.
• Send out invitations at least 2 weeks in advance of your party.(Ten AAE Party Invitations are included in the Rep/Home Kit. They can be handed out or mailed as postcards.)

• Make a list of the supplies you will need to support your selling and networking. Examples are catalogs, a display table, order forms, pens, (your card with contact info for your friend's friends) etc. It is always a good idea to provide refreshments; these can be as simple as cookies and juice.
• Create a sign-up sheet. Sheet should include spaces for name, phone number, home address and e-mail address.

• On the day of the event gather the materials you have prepared ahead of time.
• Choose an area(s) to display the items in your Rep/Home Kit.
• Set up your refreshment area.
• Have your customer order forms readily available (the WHITE order form bounded into the center of your Fundraising Catalogs).
• Show the products. Use the AAE catalog to help you with product variations and descriptions.
• Pass the products around! Trends have proven that customers who are able to experience the quality of products by handling them are more likely to make purchases.
• Talk about what you love about the products and which ones are your favorite.
• Be creative! For example if your theme is Black History Month, play a Black History trivia game; if your theme is Thanksgiving, ask people to share what they are grateful for.
• Collect orders at the end of the party for those who are ready to order. Encourage others to host an AAE Party – consider offering a free gift to hostesses.

• Decide on your course of follow-up after the party. Use the sign-up sheet to capture the name, e-mail address, phone number and mailing address of each guest. Immediately after the party, write down your impression of each attendee, and what items your guests seemed to be interested in so you can follow up with them about it.
• Follow-up with a thank you card and remind them you are here to take their future orders. This is a great way to gain new customers and make more sales.