How do I get paid?
Fundraisers will receive a check at the end of each month for the previous month's qualified orders. Please fill out our form to confirm your billing information or call us at 800.684.1555.

Who can use the Affiliate Program for fundraising?
Fundraisers who have established their fundraiser for the current catalog season with a $200 minimum order or the purchase of 2 Kits, are eligible to earn the commision on orders placed under the Affiliate Program.

How can I see who is supporting my fundraiser?
Along with your monthly check, you will receive a report that lists all orders placed using your account number or affiliate link.

What if one of the orders has a backordered item?
Once the backordered item is paid for and shipped, you will receive the credit on your account.

What if one of my customers returns an item?
Your customer will receive store credit only, so it will not affect your profit.

What if my customer has a missing or damaged item claim?
Your customers who order under the Affiliate Program will be able to make their own claims directly with us.

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