How do I get my Fundraiser started?
To get started in our Fundraising Program you will first need to request a catalog for each member participating in your group or organization. You can request up to 15 catalogs for free. Additional catalogs are $0.35 each. Once you receive the catalogs, distribute them to your participating members to begin taking orders right away. You may also direct people to view a virtual copy of our catalog by providing them this link. We reccommend giving your participating members a due date of when you will need to have all orders and money collected, to be returned to you (or the fundraising coordinator for your group or organization). You can order additional catalogs by calling us directly at 800-684-1555 or input your request online here. When you are ready to place your first fundraising order, contact us to set up your fundraising account.

How does the AAE Fundraising Program work?
If you're familiar with Avon, then you're already ahead of the crowd. Essentially, you earn 40% of everything you sell. Start off by passing out the catalog and collecting orders from your customers. We find that it is a good idea to collect their payment upfront to avoid running around later, trying to keep track of your customers' standing balances. Once you're ready to submit your first order of the season, it's best to transfer all information from the white order form to your yellow master copy. REMEMBER: retail pricing will be on the white order form stapled within, while your discounted rates are printed on the yellow order form. When you have at least $200 of orders on the yellow order form, you are ready to place your order with us! The difference between the retail and fundraising price is your profit to keep!

Can I participate in the Fundraising Program as an individual?
Yes! You do not have to belong to a group, organization, or association to use our fundraising program as an AAE Rep. We have many individuals who use our fundraising program to earn extra money for themselves. It’s like starting your own small business! Note: You still must meet all the fundraising guidelines in order to participate.

I am a Fundraiser. Why is the website showing the full retail pricing?
When you create a new user account on the website, it will automatically default to display the retail prices. You must call us at 1-800-684-1555 and request to have your account switched over to fundraising. If you have already started your order, give the system 30 seconds to update and then refresh the web page. The pricing of the items in your shopping cart will update to reflect your Fundraising rate.

How do I earn a profit?
Your profit is 40% of the retail price for any product sold on our website (with the exception of our Thomas Blackshear Collection). For example, you sell a box of cards to your customer for $10, but you would buy that same box of cards from us for $6, and you would keep the remaining $4 as your profit. You can find the profit margin for each product on the letter that came with your catalog. For orders placed under the Affiliate Program, you will earn your profit in the form of a check.

What is my Fundraising minimum?
To qualify for Fundraising pricing, your first order from each catalog we issue must be at least $200, at the discounted price. This means you should have at least $340 worth of product in total when you add your customers’ orders together at the retail price. Once you meet the minimum, you can continue placing orders of any size for the rest of the catalog season and still receive your fundraising discount.

Why does my order have substituted items?
According to our fundraising policy when a product sells out, we reserve the right to substitute it for a similar item. For instance, if we run out of a specific boxed holiday assortment, we may replace it with another boxed holiday assortment to fulfill your order. If you do not want to receive substituted items, please indicate that on your order form or in the order notes at checkout, by writing “No Substitutions“. We will honor your request.

Is there a way for my customers to place orders directly with you and I still receive credit?
Yes, after meeting your $200.00 minimum order for the season you may direct your customers to place their orders online using your account number or affiliate link and you will receive a 40% commission. For your convenience, see more information regarding our Affiliate Program here.