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Thomas Blackshear Jesus Witness Cards

One of the most special things we can do as African American Christians is share the news of our salvation with others. We are called upon to be disciples for Christ and help spread God’s good word everywhere we go. African-American artist Thomas Blackshear has created a beautiful, touching witness card that depicts the love Jesus has for mankind.

Arming yourself with appealing witness cards can help open the dialogue with the people you meet. They’ll see the undeniable beauty of Thomas Blackshear’s image and note the unconditional love Jesus represents. With 25 cards per pack, you can always have a witness card handy to share. Use it as a chance to add your own personal story about how you came to Christ and how everyone can experience the same salvation if they simply ask for it.

  •  Size: 2"W x 3.5"H / 25 cards per pack

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